V1 Video Instruction

Video instruction is an invaluable diagnostic and communication tool.  John has used V1 software for over 10 years because it simply the best available.      

Features and benefits of your video lesson

  • Video allows you to see your swing for clearer understanding of John’s message.
  • John can add graphics to emphasize certain points.
  • The system allows John to compare your swing to a model swing, side by side on the screen. This feature also allows for comparing your new and old swing to see your improvement.
  • The student receives a video summary of the lesson via the Internet, complete with graphics, swing comparisons and John’s audio.
  • Seeing is believing


John offers video instruction in 90-minute lessons or longer to ensure maximum use of the video images.    

90-Minute Video Sessions are $175 and include several videos of your swing and a video summary via the Internet for continued improvement.


Going over a Lesson with V1