Trackman Golf Radar

Simply put, Trackman is the world’s best club and ball flight analysis monitor.  It is the choice of golf’s leading authorities such as the USGA and the R&A.  In fact, the PGA Tour actually pays for their Trackman radars!!

Trackman gathers 8 pieces of key club data and 15 pieces of ball data:

The cornerstone of Trackman’s reputation as the world’s best is it’s unparalleled accuracy with respect to ball and club data. The radar can track a golf ball so closely that it measures the ball’s landing location within 1 foot for a 100 yard shot.

 What Does Trackman Do?


What will Trackman do for you?

Think of Trackman as a really smart camera that sees everything.  It will tell you everything your club is doing as it comes into impact and everything your ball is doing after it is struck by the club.

This has applications in very simple things like:

  • How far do my clubs go?
  • Is this the correct driver for me and my swing?
  • What does my clubface look like at impact?
  • How do my ball striking skills measure up to tour players, NCAA players and other top amateurs?

Trackman also delivers data that is much deeper and more complicated when John wants to see the entire story of club and ball.  The good news is, John will see the data and then explain it to you in simple terms so it isn’t confusing.

However, if you are a fan of the “D-Plane and other technical things about the swing and the flight of the ball, you will absolutely love working with Trackman!

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Trackman Combine

Maybe the coolest part of the Trackman system is the Trackman Combine.  It is a ball-striking test that allows you to measure you skills against the very best of the world.  With 100 as a standard, Luke Donald holds the record at 86.