Shot By Shot

 Shot-By-Shot is the company John has partnered with to provide the best statistics for his students.

Much like other online resources, Shot-by-Shot tabulates some core statistics. Where it separates from the pack is in a few key statistics and the system to interpret the stats to make insightful recommendations on the best way for you to improve.

Shot-by-Shot has been gathering data for over 20 years.  This wealth of information has lead to the understanding of what the most important stats are to keep and what the standards are for each of these key stats.

If you are a 20 handicap looking to become a 15, a 10 trying to become a 5 or a scratch player trying to develop into a tour caliber player, Shot-by-Shot will be a great resource.

Some interesting data from Shot-by-Shot:

Visit the Shot-by-Shot web site.

If you like what you see, let John know so he can get you a special rate!