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John offers private golf lessons and coaching at his academy in Parksville, BC.  Located at Morningstar GC, John has the pleasure of coaching players from all over Vancouver Island.  While most of his clients come from Parksville, Qualicum Beach and Nanaimo, he is lucky to work with golfers from as far away as Courtenay to the north, Victoria to the south and Vancouver via ferry!

Private golf lessons and coaching are ideal for students looking for focused advice on their personal needs. You will have John’s undivided attention! If you want the fastest possible improvement, private instruction is the way to go. Another positive with private lessons is the ability to schedule your sessions around your schedule, rather than adhering to a preset timetable.

John breaks his private instruction into two types – Private Lessons focused on improving your swing or short game technique and Coaching Programs which combine private lessons and group coaching sessions. Skill building lessons are perfect for golfers looking to work on one specific aspect of their game such as fixing a ball flight issue refining a short game technique. Coaching Programs are designed to help students . They start with an assessment and planning session and include weekly private sessions as well as weekly, supervised practice sessions.

First Meeting with John – Interview Your Prospective Coach

John believes choosing an instructor or coach is a very important decision.  If you care enough about your game to seek out instruction, you need to make sure the person you are trusting with your game can deliver what you need. John suggests all new students come and “interview” him, before deciding to sign up for a program.

Your First Meeting will include:

  • A discussion of where you have been with your golf and where you would like to go
  • A discussion about John’s approach and your chance to ask him questions about his coaching philosophy
  • If appropriate, the scheduling of your first lesson appointment

Because John believes this is such an important part of the process and this is your chance to interview him for the job as your coach, there isn’t a charge for this first meeting.

John understands in our busy lives, making time to meet for coffee to discuss your game may be difficult.  John will gladly make time to discuss your plans over the phone if that is more convenient.  If you have already made your decision to work with John, you are certainly “allowed” to schedule your first lesson or assessment to start a program!!


Private Lessons for Technique Improvement

Private lessons give you a chance to work one-on-one with John to improve your swing or short game techniques. To make significant and lasting improvements with your swing or short game, it is usually a good idea to enroll in at least a 3-hour program.  However, John recommends you start with one lesson to make sure you and John are a good fit.  If, after your first lesson, you decide to enroll in a program, your first lesson will be built into your program to offer you the best possible value.

John offers his Skill Building lessons as 45 and 90-minute sessions.  The process of you getting warmed up, John assessing your needs, explaining the improvement plan and ensuring you understand it well enough to carry it out on your own can take a little time.  For this reason, John recommends a 90-minute session for maximum improvement.

2017 Private Lesson Pricing **

Lesson Type Cost
My “Job Interview” $0
15-Minute Trackman Assessment $25
45-Minute Lesson $90
90-Minute Coaching Session $125
90-Minute Trackman Session $150
90-Minute K-Vest 3D Session $150
3-Hour Package $325
6-Hur Package $600
10-Hour Package $900
Half Day Private Session  –  Four Hours $375
Full Day  –  Seven Hours and lunch together $700


** Please note, all Morningstar and Randle Golf Academy Members save 10% off all lesson rates!!


Coaching Programs

Improvement in any sport requires the right information and the correct practice methods on an ongoing basis. In most sports, players learn to play under the supervision of their coach, making sure they are practicing correctly. John’s Coaching Programs are designed with this model in mind.  If you are a serious student who is looking to really explore your maximum potential, a coaching program with John is the absolute best thing you can do!

John’s programs will help you learn the skills needed to be a better player and develop the confidence to use these skills on the golf course and in competition.  Won’t it be great to know how to hit consistent golf shots and to know you can do it, even under pressure?

Some of the things covered in Coaching Programs:

  • Full Swing
  • Short Game
  • Putting
  • Course Management
  • Mental Game
  • Taking your game from the range to the course
  • Equipment Fitting
  • Fitness and Nutrition

First Step of a Coaching Program – Where Are You Now?

To design a plan for your improvement, it is critical to have an understanding of where your game is now.  To this end, John starts all of his coaching programs with an Golf Game Assessment.  John offers a Basic Assessment and a Total Game Assessment.  After your assessment, you and John will discuss the findings and you will be placed in the perfect program for you.


Coaching Program Options

Bronze Program

  • Four 45-minute private lessons
  • Eight 90-minute group coaching sessions
  • 10 medium buckets of range balls
  • $500 – Morningstar and Randle Golf Academy members save 10%

Silver Program

  • Eight 45-minute private lessons
  • Eight 90-minute group coaching sessions
  • 15 medium buckets of range balls
  • $800 – Morningstar and Randle Golf Academy members save 10%

Gold Program

  • Sixteen 45-minute private lessons
  • Eight 90-minute group coaching sessions
  • 15 medium buckets of range balls
  • $1300 – Morningstar and Randle Golf Academy members save 10%


What are Group Coaching Sessions?

Group Coaching Sessions are 90-minute practices designed by John to help students learn the skills needed to play better golf and the best ways to practice them.  John has an endless supply of games and drills to develop your skills and get the most out of your valuable practice time.

A Typical Group Coaching Session:

  • 20 minutes working on chipping – fun drills to dial in proper club selection
  • 20 minutes working on driving – finding your “go-to” shot to find more fairways
  • 20 minutes working on wedge play and yardages on Trackman
  • 20 minutes hitting curving shots
  • 10 minute competition for a little pressure!


Junior Private Lessons

John’s background makes him very popular with competitive junior golfers who are looking to compete and explore the US College route.

John offers a special junior rate of 40% off his normal rate for all students aged 18 and younger.

Lesson Type Cost
One 30-minute lesson $45
Four 30-minute lessons $140
One 60-minute lesson $75
Four 60-minute lessons $250
Half Day (4 hours) $250


For information about John’s Junior Coaching Programs, please visit the Junior Programs area of the site.

Intermediate Private Lessons

John played NCAA golf and was on tour for 8 years.  His experiences make him well equipped to help golfers aged 19 – 23 continue their development.

Lesson Type Cost
60 Minutes $75
2 Hour Coaching Session $140
90 Minutes with Video $125
Three Hour Package  –  Four 45-minute lessons $200


Learning Technology

John prides himself on having the very best learning technology to help his students improve as quickly as possible.  These tools provide a lot of information that John uses to make the most accurate assessment of what needs to be addressed.  This pinpoint accuracy means your improvement plan will be the most efficient possible, saving you time and effort on your road to awesome golf!

John’s Technology Providers:

  • Trackman  –  Golf Radar that provides very accurate data on the golf club and ball’s performance
  • K-Vest  –  3D Assessment system that measures your swing’s efficiency.
  • V1 Video  –  Industry leading video analysis software.


    Lesson Type Cost  
    15-minute Trackman Assessment  $25
    60-Minute Yardage Session on Trackman $75
    60-Minute Trackman “Combine” and My Trackman Profile $100
    90-Minute Trackman Coaching Session $125
    90-Minute K-Vest 3D Session $125
    90-Minute Video Session with Summary via the internet $125






On-Course Instruction

Most golfers are considerably better on the range than they are on the course or their scores don’t reflect how they can hit the ball. The main reason is most golfers have never been taught the skills needed to maximize their performance on the course.

John believes there are three kinds of lessons – golf swing, short game and golf. Most golfers think a golf lesson is what happens on the lesson tee. In actual fact, most lessons received on the range are “Golf Swing” lessons. While you can simulate real life situations on the terrific practice facility at Bear Mountain, the best place to learn how to play golf is on the course.

On-course instruction will help you improve the following and much more:

  • Your ability to make course management decisions consistent with your skill level
  • Your understanding of “Personal Par” and how it should shape your decision making
  • Your ability to pick targets so you can get away with poor shots more often
  • Your ability to read greens
  • Your ability to focus on the shot at hand and not all the bad things that might happen
  • Your ability to pick the correct shots around the green to make scoring easier

Playing lesson rates are the same as the regular private and semi-private rates.  John’s preference is do playing lessons early in the morning or later in the day so pace of play is not a concern.