Golf Game Assessments

John believes in having accurate and current measures of his student’s golf skills.  An effective improvement plan, with good goals, can be set when you know where you are today.

To put together a good plan and effective goals, you and John need to know:

  1. Where do you want your game to be?
  2. Where are you right now?
  3. When do you want to get started?

Imagine a program that delivers instruction exactly where you need it most.  Your time with John will be maximized and your practice time will deliver the results you deserve!

The first step is an assessment with John.

Basic Assessment

The Basic Assessment was designed by John and his team at the VI Golf Institute.  It takes an hour and gives you and John the chance to get a feel for what parts of your game will benefit most from instruction.  This ensures your improvement will be as quick and efficient as possible.  The Basic Assessment includes:

  • A discussion of where you have been with your golf and where you would like to go
  • An assessment of your physical health including a few quick movement tests (all easily done in golf clothing)
  • John observing you in action on the golf course to get a feel for where your skill level is now, as it relates to your goals
    • Full Swing
    • Short Game
    • Putting
  • An equipment assessment to ensure your clubs will allow you to reach your potential
  • Goal Setting
  • Your placement in the best program for you, based on goals, available time and budget.
  • Referral to trainer or injury management team if needed.
  • $75  –  This fee is subtracted off the price of your Coaching Program when you decide to enroll.


Total Game Assessment

The Total Game Assessment is the ultimate starting point for anyone who is serious about improvement. To begin your coaching program with John, he will take you through a skills assessment at the academy as well as observing you play a few holes to see how you perform on the course.

A program like this is usually only available for tour players. When your assessment is over, you will know exactly what your strengths and weaknesses are and will have an action plan to begin the improvement process.

The Total Game Assessment is comprised of:

The assessment takes 3 hours and can be broken up into 2 sessions if needed.  After completing the testing, John will take 2 – 3 days to create your improvement plan.  You will then sit down with John to discuss his findings and ideas for your program.

The cost of the Total Game Assessment is $350 including all resources used.  When you begin your Coaching Program, $100 of these fees will be applied to the price of your first month.


Physical Fitness and Injuries

John will assess how your body functions with respect to mobility and stability and discuss any injuries that may affect your ability to move.  This information will help John recommend the best plan for your swing.


Golf Skills Testing 

The next step is to see how your golf skills measure up to the level you will need to reach your goals.

There are a few technical skills every golfer needs to play the game:

  • Driving
  • Iron Play
  • Putting
  • Short Game
  • Distance

John uses Trackman and other assessment tools to assess your performance to see which ones need improvement.  If your shot making abilities already deliver good enough distance and accuracy, you and John will not change your motion.  You would then move on to the on-course assessment to find out why your scoring is not up to your potential.


Swing Fundamentals

If your shots are not accurate or long enough to meet your needs, your technique will need to be improved.  There isn’t one best way to swing a club.  You and John will work towards YOUR best swing and not some model swing that a tour pro has.

John likes to focus on how well you control the key impact skills of:

  • Solid impact
  • Directional Control
  • Club Head Speed

Video Analysis – John takes video of every new student’s swing.  Video allows John to see a fast motion in slow motion to ensure he is seeing everything he needs to see and to make the best possible diagnosis.


Swing Efficiency

While Video allows John to see your swing and accurately judge the quality of your positions, it doesn’t tell the whole story.  For more serious players, John uses K-Vest 3D to take an “X-Ray” of your swing.  After seeing the 3D data, John will have a complete understanding of where your swing needs work.

3D analysis is especially productive when looking for more distance from a swing that is underpowered.


Golf Equipment Assessment

Is your equipment optimized to your body type, best motion and for your swing speed?  If you can’t say yes, you need to have John assess your equipment to ensure it is giving you the best chance to reach your potential.


On Course and Mental Assessment 

When the physical skills are all there but they don’t produce good enough scores, the mental game and course management skills need to be looked at.

To accomplish this, John will observe your on course play and also uses a questionnaire provided by GolfPsych to measure some key mental game skills and discover your dominant personality traits that contribute to your playing style.