Plane Truth

Plane Truth Golf is a company owned and operated by teaching professionals Jim Hardy and Chris O’Connell.  Together, they coach over 20 PGA Tour players, most notably Matt Kuchar , Scott Piercy, JJ Killeen, Peter Jacobsen and Tom Pernice.

Jim is the inventor of the swing theories based on the belief every golfer should either be a “One-Plane Swinger” or a “Two-Plane Swinger”.  He has written two books on the topic and he and Chris provide training for golf professionals to learn his swing theories and become certified, once they have proven a deep understanding of Jim’s teachings.

John attended a training seminar in November of 2011 and was successful in becoming certified.  He is the only certified Plane Truth instructor in Canada!!

A One-Plane Swing means, for a right-handed golfer, the left arm swings on the same plane as the shoulders are turning.  It is called one-plane because they are both on the same plane.

A Two- Plane Swing means, for a right-handed golfer, the left arm swings on a more vertical plane than the shoulders are turning.

John is the only Plane Truth certified Teaching Professional in Canada!

For each style of swing, there are key fundamentals that need to be adhered to.  Golfers will struggle when they mix some one-plane fundamentals with some two-plane fundamentals.

When you want to make sure you’re mixing the right ingredients, come out to see John.



John with Jim and Chris at the Plane Truth retreat in November 2011.



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