PGA of Canada

John has been a member of the PGA of Canada for 21 years – first as a member of the Touring Professional Division and then the Club Professional side.

After leaving the tour, John knew immediately that teaching the game was where his passion lay.  After a couple of years working in the golf shop at Gorge Vale, John turned to full time teaching and coaching and he hasn’t looked back!  He has been a full time teaching professional since 2001.  He is rare in this regard as Victoria only has 4 full time Teaching Professionals. The rest of the professionals who offer lessons in Victoria split their time between the lesson tee and the golf shop.

John is very passionate about the PGA of Canada and believes its members should be regarded as experts in the game and running golf facilities.  He thinks that every golfer should be seeking the advice of a professional and that every golf facility should be employing an experienced Head Professional or Director of Golf to shape the golf experience at their club.  You get what you pay for when you hire a professional to help you with your game or run your facility.

John’s desire to improve golf industry standards lead him to run for and get elected to the PGA of BC Board of Directors in 2011.  On the Board, he continues to help shape the future of the industry for his fellow professionals by pushing for better education of the PGA members and the golfing community to further establish PGA members as true golf experts.