K-Vest – 3D Analysis

K-Vest is a 3D motion analysis system.  K-Vest professionals like to say that video is like an x-ray and 3D is like an MRI.  Video is still a great tool but 3D just looks deeper and is simply more accurate in finding root causes of swing problems.

3D analysis is the next frontier in golf instruction and John is excited to be able to take you there at his academy in Victoria, BC.  He is a Level 2 certified K-Vest instructor, one of only 3 in Canada!!

The K-Vest system is especially great at measuring how efficient a swing is. In other words, how close to maximum power are you getting out of your body and swing.  The combination of a TPI assessment and a K-Vest session will pinpoint exactly where you and John should start with your swing improvement plan.

John is a Level 2, K-Vest Certified Instructor,
one of only 6 in Canada!!

 What Does K-Vest Do?

Key things K-Vest measures:

  • Posture angles at set up and throughout the swing
  • Hip and Shoulder turn
  • Sequence of motion – all good players have the same sequence
  • X-Factor and X-Factor Stretch (maximum power)

K-Vest also incorporates TPI’s data from the world’s best players to tell you and John how you are doing relative to proven swing measures.

With the help of visuals and sounds, K-Vest helps you learn what correct posture and movement fee like.  Learning the golf swing has never been more fun and effective! 

Yani Tseng working with her coach and K-Vest
Yani Tseng with K-Vest

The world #1 female, Yani Tseng, training with K-Vest.