Short Game and Full Swing Clinics

Clinic Topics –  Clinic Dates

John offers one-hour clinics on the short game. Each session focuses on a specific short game topic and is limited to the first six students who sign up.  John also offers two-hour full swing sessions for students looking for help with their swings in a more economical setting.

Short Game Clinics

  • Unlimited practice balls during clinic
  • Use of the latest rental clubs if needed
  • 60 minutes of instruction with a maximum of 5 other golfers
  • Only $25

To sign up for one or more of these clinics, please phone Morningstar at 250-248-2244 or email John at

mens golf lessons in victoria
Mens Golf Lessons in Victoria, BC


John will help you make a reliable stroke and become a more consistent putter by mastering the three big skills of putting – DIRECTION, SPEED and GREEN READING.

  • 2016 Schedule coming soon


You will learn John’s 3-Step approach to the short game:

  • Good Technique = consistent contact
  • Control of flight distance = hit your landing spot
  • Control of roll distance = pick the correct club
  • 2016 schedule coming soon


The key to sand play is controlling two things about the swing – HOW the wedge enters the sand and WHERE the wedge enters the sand. You will never fear the sand again!

  • 2016 schedule coming soon