GolfPsych is a company John has partnered with to provide some valuable assessment tools and strategies on the mental side of the game.

John visited their facility in San Antonio, Texas, took their training and became certified in their system.  Like many of John’s certifications, he is one of only a few Canadians to have received this certification.  At last check their were only 3!

The GolfPsych tool John uses the most is their Mental Game Skills Assessment.  It measures 8 key mental game skills and gives you a score out of 10.  It is a great tool for determining areas for improvement and goal setting.

Mental Skills measured:

  • Focus and Mental Pre-Shot
  • Calculations and Commitment
  • Emotion Management
  • Course Management and Game Plan
  • Tough-mindedness
  • Confidence
  • Independent Decision Making
  • Tension Management

Visit the web page for this test

If you are interested in taking the test and are not a student of John’s, you should still contact John as he can access special pricing only available to certified professionals.