Frequently Asked Questions

Choosing a golf school is an important decision. Your golf game is important to you and you deserve the very best for your game. The following are questions John is asked regularly about the golf school experience.

What should I expect when attending your golf school?

Students who attend a golf school with John leave with a clear understanding of how their swings work, what to practice to maintain their skills and how to troubleshoot in the future when problems arise. John believes the reason most golfers fail to improve is that they misunderstand one or more of the key concepts governing all good swings. When students are given clear and accurate information about the golf swing and shown how to implement the new ideas, they improve very quickly.

“Will you try to “rebuild” my entire swing”?

John  doesn’t try to make every golfer swing the same. He takes the strengths of each individual, adds some clarity of key concepts that are typically misunderstood, and then offers customized advice to each student in keeping with his or her goals and capabilities. John doesn’t believe in the “one step backwards for two steps forward” theory of instruction. His students start moving forward right away.

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Why a golf school and not the regular private lessons?

The major benefit of a golf school experience versus the typical series of golf lessons with your local professional is the positive effect of total immersion. When most golfers enroll in a series of lessons at home, they fit their lessons in between work, family and other commitments. The result is fragmented focus, often times a lack of available practice time and less than desirable results. The golf school experience is built on longer instructional sessions, supervised practice to ensure the new skills are being repeated correctly and a lack of distractions because the students are usually on holiday.

Who will be the instructors at the school I am attending?

At many schools, the owner of the facility or lead instructors only teach a few of the golf schools. The rest are taught by their assistants. John is proud to guarantee that he teaches all of the schools you will see scheduled on this site. As a result, you are guaranteed the high quality of instruction John’s years of experience provides.

Is the itinerary for each school set in stone?

No, the itinerary for each school is completely tailored to the students attending. Before each school begins, John meets with each student to discuss goals, learning styles and physical abilities so they can customize the instruction to each golfers “Wish List”.

How big are the groups at your school?

John keeps class sizes to a maximum of 4 students per instructor. Groups larger than four make it impossible to provide the level of instruction that you deserve. If you would like more personalized instruction than a group of four would allow, John does offer customized schools for smaller groups. Custom schools can be scheduled to fit your schedule and the additional fees are minimal.

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Will I be hitting a lot of practice balls?

While each student is provided with a “bottomless” bucket of practice balls during their time at the school, John doesn’t emphasize the need to hit a lot of balls. Quality vs. Quantity is a key ingredient to improvement. John takes pride in providing his students with the knowledge that will allow them to improve quickly and long after school is out. Students who attend his schools leave with a clear understanding of how their swings work, what to practice to maintain their skills and how to troubleshoot in the future when problems arise.

“Which golf school option is best for me”?

That is a great question and one that is better answered in conversation. If you would like some advice on which golf school would be best suited to your situation, drop John an e-mail with your phone number and best time to call included and they will be glad to give you a call to offer their advice.

Are there activities for members of my group who don’t golf?

The answer is YES. To see a few of the many options available to you and your party, go to our About Parksville page.

Is the short game taught at all schools?

Since each school is tailored to the students in attendance, sometimes the answer is no when the students want to focus entirely on the long game. In most cases, because of the short game’s important role in determining your score, shots played from within 100 yards of the green make up an appropriate portion of each school. The schools feature John’s easy to learn, 3-Step short game system.

Will I get to spend time on the course with my instructor?

Yes, John feels very strongly that time spent on the course with students leads to quick improvement in the scoring department. All 2 and 3-day schools include 2 hours on the golf course with John. The 5-day schools offer 4 hours of on-course instruction.  If improving your mental game and on-course performance is a priority for you, this time will be a huge help for you.

If there is a question you have that has not been answered here, please use the Ask John a Question page.