Mental Golf Workshop

 The Mental Golf Workshop is  a unique and powerful tool that allows you and John to gain a greater understanding of what your tendencies are.

The system generates personalized information for working on your mental game just as video and launch monitors produce personalized information for working on your swing and customizing your equipment. The profile works great for self-coaching as well as for collaborating with your instructor or coach. 

The report that is generated after your completion of the questionnaire will provide detailed descriptions of your mental golf tendencies and customized strategies for these areas of your game:

  • Golf Temperament 
  • Pre-Round Preparation
  • Mental Tendencies When Playing Shots
  • Course Management 
  • Working With Your Instructors 
  • Mental Tendencies Toward Golf Fitness

See an example of how the report gives advice on the best way for your lesson time to be structured.

Do the Online Assessment

Visit the Mental Golf Workshop web site at  If you are one of John’s students or will be getting coaching from John after this assessment, use the access code “BMGA”.  This will make it much easier for John to access your report when you work together.

If you have enrolled in a program, which includes this assessment, this is not where you should be accessing the questionnaire form.  John will send you the link to the questionnaire in an email.