Golf Business Network

Golf Business Network is a group of elite golf professionals who have joined together to share ideas and best practices about teaching methods and the business side of golf.

To become a member, John had to go through an involved screening process to ensure he met the group’s exceptionally high standards.  John is very proud he was accepted into the most respected group of golf teachers and coaches in North America.

Other members of GBN include:

Martin Hall – Golf Channel
Michael Breed – Golf Channel
Henry Brunton – Canada’s only Golf Magazine Top 100 Teacher 
Mike Malaska – Director of Nicklaus Academies
Laird Small – Director of Instruction at Pebble Beach

You get the picture, it’s a really cool club to be a member of.  Being in GBN gives John the chance to meet up with other members a couple times a year at teaching summits and seminars and utilize the web site that is full of cutting edge resources.

Vist the Golf Business Network site