John’s Teaching Credentials

John started his professional career as a tour player.  In 1998, he turned his focus to helping others improve and he has become one of Canada’s leading instructors.  He has been relentless in his pursuit of knowledge, attending seminars all over North America and training under some of golf’s most famous instructors. 

It will be difficult to find an instructor in Canada with more training and expertise. John is certified by many of golf’s most respected organizations. He has received training and passed certification with Titleist Performance Institute (TPI), K-Vest 3D, Jim Hardy’s Plane Truth, GolfPsych and Trackman.

In addition, John believes it is important to stay current with the most up to date learning technology.  To this end, he uses Trackman, K-Vest and V1 Video to gather and communicate information to his students.  After acquiring these tools, John also seeks out training from the various companies, becoming certified so he can fully utilize their capabilities.  

Technology allows John to gather a lot of information about his student’s technique.  This information let’s John make very accurate decisions about your best route to improvement.  And, while John gathers lots of data, he will deliver the information to you in very clear and easy to understand ways that click with your preferred learning mode.

John’s Teaching Credentials

  • Founder and Academy Director of the Randle Golf Academy at Morningstar – 2014 to present
  • Guest instructor at the Bear Mountain Golf Academy – 2015
  • Academy Director at the Bear Mountain Golf Academy – 2010 to 2014
  • Director of Instruction – GBC Golf Academy at Olympic View – 2003 to 2010
  • 2007 and 2002 PGA of BC Teacher of the Year
  • Golf Magazine’s Top Teacher in BC since 2005
  • TPI Certified Golf Professional – Level 2
  • K-Vest 3D Motion Certified – Level 2
  • Plane Truth Certified Instructor
  • Trackman Certified
  • Trained under Pia Nillson and Lynn Marriott of Vision 54
  • Head Golf Coach at Camosun College in Victoria
  • PacWest Conference – 2011 Coach of the Year
  • Teaches “The Biomechanics of Golf” in the Professional Golf Management Program at Camosun College
  • Ranked by Golf Magazine as one of the “Top Instructors in Canada”
  • Author of instructional book A Wake Up Call for Your Golf Game
  • PGA of Canada member since 1991
  • Written over 100 articles in golf publications and newspapers.
  • Teaches seminars at Camosun College for fellow golf professionals.

John’s extensive training and experience gives him the ability to take a complex motion and explain it in very simple terms.  As they say, the better you understand something, the simpler you can make it sound!