John’s Teaching Philosophy

John recognizes that golfers all have different aspirations and time for their golf games. John’s specialty is long term coaching relationships. Having said this, he does teach many golfers every year who are looking for one or two lessons on specific skills. As a result, his instructional programs can be divided into two categories: Golf Coaching Programs and Golf Skill Building Lessons.

Regardless of which type of program you sign up for, John follows the same initial steps:

  1. For best improvement, you and John need to be on the same page as far as your goals for your time together and your preferred communication style.  Every one of John’s students goes through an interview to give John knowledge about your background in golf, physical abilities or injuries and goals for your game.  This process is quite quick for students taking one or two lessons, the first 10 – 15 minutes of your first lesson.  When you enroll in a Coaching Program, the initial interview is more involved.
  2. The second step to developing an improvement plan is an accurate assessment of where your skills are right now. For individual golf lessons, working on a specific skill, this diagnostic phase is fairly quick.  John’s experience allows him to quickly pinpoint your biggest need. For Coaching Programs, John uses a series of cutting edge assessment tools to pinpoint your present skill levels and physical capabilities.  For complete details, visit the assessment page.
  3. Thirdly, it’s time to formulate an action plan. The above information, coupled with your available time for practice and play, will combine to form the framework.
  4. The final piece is John’s expert instruction in one or all areas of your game that need improving to reach your goals.

To help facilitate the improvement process, John has put together a system to help him and his students focus their instruction and practice time.  The system is based on a checklist of golf skills.

The checklist is assembled into five parts, represented by the letters T.E.M.P.O.

T  –  Technical Skills (Full Swing, Short Game, etc.)
E  –  Equipment
M  –  Mental Game and Emotional Control
P  –  Physical Fitness and Nutrition
O  –  Organized Approach

Needless to say, not every golfer aspires for great golf but every golfer John meets is looking to improve.  John helps his students prioritize which skills need to be improved to reach their goals and then coaches them on the best way to make positive changes.

The final piece of the puzzle is fun!  John really enjoys helping people with their games and creates a fun and productive environment in which to learn.  Your time on John’s lesson tee will be fun and rewarding.  John looks forward to seeing you soon!