Women Golfers Should Use a Driver

Why Women Need a Driver in the Bag

This is a very important subject for me. Women using a DRIVER!!!!! I am tired of hearing that women should NOT be using a driver. This is CRAZY!!! If you get the proper driver, everyone should be using a driver, no matter what sex you are.

Don’t Use the Wrong Equipment

Most women should not be using men’s clubs. It is very common to use your husbands hand me downs, but unfortunately the clubs will 
be too heavy and the shaft will be too stiff. They will also most likely be too long. This will result in lots of bad habits and usually these
habits will make you not enjoy the game as mush as you should.

Buying Golf Equipment

  • Try before you Buy – hit the clubs to see proper ball flight.
  • When it is time to buy golf clubs they must be custom fitted to ensure they are suitable for the body type and swing motion of each individual.
  • Custom fitting includes the three parts of the golf club; head, shaft and grip.
    • Head – look for head style and lie angle.
    • Shaft – look for shaft type; steel or graphite, flex and length.
    • Grip – look for style and thickness.

Why Custom fit?

A properly fitted club will enable a golfer to most consistently hit shots in the center of the clubface aimed directly at a target.

Myth – “I am not good enough to be club fit. I could use any equipment and it wouldn’t work”.

A golf club that is not fitted properly can affect a golfer’s swing motion negatively. A golfer will make adjustments in their swing motion, 
regardless of club used, to get a center hit aimed at the target. Most times this doesn’t work out.

Where can I get Custom Fitted and how much will it cost?

Of course, if you live in Victoria, I would be happy to custom fit you.  If you don’t live nearby, most professional shops at golf courses offer this service. When looking for equipment an appointment can be arranged with a
 trained CPGA professional.

The cost of the fitting is usually included in the price of the equipment.

However if this is not the case, a fitting will cost $35.00 to $50.00.

A fitting will take 30 – 45 minutes in length.


I hope this is helpful.  Please let let me know if you have questions about golf equipment for women.

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